10 tips for self care this conference season

10 Tips For Self Care This Conference Season

Valentine’s (and Galentine’s and Palentine’s) Day has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean there’s not still time for a little self love. As you prepare for this year’s LadyCoders Conference, here’s some of our favorite tips for self care.

‘Tis the (conference) season

  1. Give yourself time. We like to give ourselves some time before the conference to get situated, and some time after the conference to decompress and process the essential takeaways.
    • Take time for breaks. Your agenda throughout the conference might be jam-packed with amazing speakers, inspirational workshops, and more, but it’s important to take breaks too! Give yourself five minutes here and there for a quick walk around the block and a dose of Vitamin D, a short jam-session with your favorite Spotify playlist, or a rejuvenating meditation (we’re big fans of Headspace).
    • Traveling to Denver for the conference? Whenever we’re traveling for a conference or meeting – if possible – we try to book with an extra day, or maybe just an extra couple of hours to allow ourselves to unwind, get settled, and explore the area.
    • Local to LadyCoders? Give yourself some time the day before and after the conference to get into (and out of) conference mode.
  2. Allow yourself to say no. Maybe you’ve had a long day including travel. Maybe you’re all networked out. It’s okay to say no sometimes. Instead of staying for the entire welcome cocktail hour, consider doing a quick loop to make sure you’re able to meet anyone you really want to meet. Then it’s totally acceptable to go back to your room to rest, recharge, and relax.
  3. Remind yourself to say YES! You’re awesome and you’re here for a reason. Don’t be afraid to say yes to new opportunities, new friends and networking connections, or opportunities to share your brand. We love LadyCoder for the opportunities to meet awesome new women, build and share ideas, and come away with some new energy and inspiration. Sometimes saying “yes” is the ultimate form of self love and self care.
  4. HYDRATE! This is a no brainer. And while we’re at it, don’t skip meals! It’s easy to get swept up in the conference and use break times to catch up on emails, or chat with your fellow (fantastic) attendees. But make sure you’re nourished so you can maintain your energy and focus throughout the conference.
  5. Get comfy! And no, we don’t mean wearing sweatpants. But how you dress throughout the conference can make a big difference in how you feel during, and after LadyCoders is over.
    • Wear comfy shoes. We speak from personal experience… Wearing a comfortable shoe that you can walk around the conference venue, to-and-from workshops and meetings, and afterwards for networking is essential. No one likes blisters or a flat sole.
    • Dress in layers. You don’t have to go full hygge with blankets and chunky sweaters, but at most conferences it can be hot, cold, or anywhere in between. (We try to keep things nice and comfortable at LadyCoders, too.)
    • We all have that jacket that makes us feel like a boss. Or those boots that make us feel like a superhero. Staying comfy is important, but so is dressing in a way that makes you feel like you. Choose outfits that make you feel comfortable, confident, and show your unique style.
  6. Practice your elevator pitch. Doesn’t sound like a self care tip? Look at it this way – we all encounter Imposter Syndrome once in a while. By knowing why you belong here, and what your value statement is, you can help yourself build the confidence to kick that I.S. to the curb. All our LadyCoders are awesome. Give yourself a little love and recognize your lady bossness!
  7. Sleep! It’s easy to try to pack in as much as humanly possible during the two days of the conference. Outside the conference there’s dinner, drinks, breakfast meetings, catching up on work, etc. Help yourself by not burning the midnight oil, and getting a solid sleep.
  8. Exercise. You don’t necessarily need to book an early morning SoulCycle ride (or do! You do you, boo). But taking a few minutes to exercise during the conference can help clear your head and boost your energy.
    • Walk… to the conference, around the block, with your fellow LadyCoders, etc. A five minute walk helps get that blood flowing. Plus a short break from staring at screens or being hunched over a notepad will do you good.
    • Stretch! We sit all day at our desks, or even during sessions at conferences. Give your body a little love and stretch it out. Short on time? Check out these tips.
  9. Pack thoughtfully, and only carry what you need. Do you want to carry a purse or backpack? You’re walking around all day, carrying your stuff. Be kind to your body and give your shoulder(s), back, neck a rest.
    • Our essentials: laptop, notebook and pen, business cards, an empty water bottle (you can fill up at the conference!), chapstick, phone and laptop chargers, granola bar, mints, and a light layer.
  10. Treat yo’self! Conferences are an investment of time and energy. Even if the people are awesome (hey, LadyCoders!) and the content is fascinating, it’s still a full couple days of work – and werkin’ it. Treat yourself to a nice meal, pack a face mask for a little R&R in your hotel room, or maybe splurge on a chair massage at the airport before your flight out of Denver.

Let’s face it. While we LOVE a good conference, they’re a marathon, not a sprint. It’s totally natural to leave feeling inspired, ecstatic, and with a long list of exciting action items you can take back to implement at work… And also feel exhausted, and ready to hole-up for a weekend of hygge and solitude.

Hopefully, by following along with some (or all!) of these tips, when you leave LadyCoders, you’ll feel energized, educated, and ready to take on the world!

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