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To build a stronger, more diverse tech community that levels the playing field for underrepresented or underutilized groups in technology.


Equili is built on the idea that a stronger, more diverse community is better for everyone — better ideas, more revenue, more stability, more innovation.

At Equili, we are leading a strong, but quiet revolution. We are embodying the change we want to see in the technology industry.


Equili provides the vision, information, and execution to help you, your business, and your community effect change immediately.


When people are inspired, they create, they envision and they do. My great passion is to build experiences that inspire. I buzz around communities, take notes on everyone who is saying something worth hearing, and then I pull together an inspired event to:

  • Help women in tech navigate their careers
  • Inspire software developers to build the next great app
  • Push marketers stuck in a cubicle to find ways to add creativity to their days, work and lives


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