Elaine Marino

Elaine Marino, Equili Founder,  is spearheading an industry-wide movement transforming diversity in the tech space. Elaine left the Fortune 500 advertising industry to become a Ruby on Rails developer. It was then when she experienced first-hand the tremendous gap in diversity within software development.  It was apparent that women and minorities were woefully underrepresented throughout the community. Elaine saw clearly how change could be made for the better. Elaine’s viewpoint on the tech industry is unique in that she is an insider and an outsider.

Early in her endeavours, it became clear that some different career enrichment strategies for women and minorities were necessary to become successful. Learning and developing these techniques formed the knowledge base that Equili was founded upon. Elaine also recognized the critical need to pass this strategic knowledge onto other women and other diverse groups looking to thrive in the tech industry. Elaine knows first hand how diverse, unique perspectives are invaluable in the work space. During her tenure at Equili, she has been designing, implementing, and managing events, workshops and content aimed at bringing more diversity into the tech arena. Elaine’s extensive background brings a multitude of experience to all her clients. There is a sweet-spot where technology enhances the lives of people and communities — that is where Elaine thrives.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Lia James

Lia helps others advance their career through her experience leading and customizing interpersonal skills training, a deep study of people, and a passion for diverse and inclusive team development. She has assisted over 600 career changers secure their first technical role, advance their career within the tech industry, and negotiate like a pro. Her specific interest is focusing on the advancement of women and underrepresented groups in tech.

Rita Givens


Rita Givens

Resourceful and results-driven executive and operations consultant with 15+ years’ experience in diverse office environments. Proven record of accomplishment involving professionalism, integrity and creativity in office functions. Competent at assigning duties to staff and liaising with customers and stakeholders. Demonstrated ability to prioritize assignments and make effective decisions.


Julie Burroughs

Julie is the Managing Partner and CEO of Ready Hatch a strategic consulting firm focused on helping organizations prosper through strategic and transformation services. As an entrepreneur, she has developed and sold three firms, all focused on analytics. Julie’s claim to fame is her amazing friends and a small but awesome family. She loves travel (cried when she saw the Taj Mahal), music, animals, growing stuff, cooking, dressing up in costumes and laughing. Her passion is helping people with embracing change.

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