3 / February, 2018

Pandora’s Box is open. What now?

As an educator, consultant and advocate for Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace, with an emphasis on tech, I cannot stress enough the importance of data and transparency. We all […]

Alexandru Tudorache 13623

19 / January, 2018

#MeToo, Now What?

  It is hard to believe that it has been less than a year since Susan Fowler posted her article, “Reflecting On One Very, Very Strange Year at Uber,” which detailed […]

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11 / January, 2018

First the Eruption. Now the Reformation.

  2017 saw Diversity and Inclusion make front page, headline news, starting with Uber and ending with the #metoo campaign. It seemed like every day a new powerful well-respected man was resigning […]

Fabian Blank 78637

29 / October, 2017

Financial security is a huge predictor of success and evens the playing field.

I met Mariko at a Women Who Startup event. She too is building her business. We partnered on financial literacy classes because at Equili we recognize the role class and […]

Screen Shot 2017 07 18 At 12.22.09 Pm

31 / July, 2017

Equili Sponsors Emerging Women Live 2017

Are you looking to lead from the truth of who you are? Feeling alone in your leadership role? Ready to triple your impact without depletion or overwhelm? Connect with your […]

Transparent Background

21 / June, 2017

Introducing Equili

After 13 years working in big-city advertising, I completely switched careers and lifestyles. Managing Fortune 500 advertising clients in Los Angeles and New York City exhausted me, and I needed […]


25 / January, 2017

Community: Screen vs. Live

Today we have quite the community online — everything from social media to social tools like Slack to news feeds and comment sections. Frankly its overwhelming. And yet, it’s all […]

Fortyunderforty Com

1 / July, 2015


In February 2015 I became an honoree of the 40 under 40 Boulder Valley award from Biz West. It was a true honor to be recognized for my work, especially […]

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