Community: Screen vs. Live

Today we have quite the community online — everything from social media to social tools like Slack to news feeds and comment sections. Frankly its overwhelming. And yet, it’s all necessary. What is also necessary, is connecting in person. Finding your tribe outside the screen. This quote from The Drum sums it up best:

“…[because] our lives have become more and more linked to a screen, live experiences have been elevated to a higher importance with human contact and shared experiences…”

Women Who StartupNo one does this better than Lizelle van Vuuren of Women Who Startup. She has built an incredible community — in-person and online. The Women Who Startup online community is amazing. Thousands of women collectively helping each other with everything from funding, to work politics, to best practices, to job searching, to job posting, to events, to morale…you name it! If you are in business and you are a woman, you need to be in this community.

However, I really think Lizelle is at her best in person — she has a way to inspire, share and connect in a way that really helps women who are out there trying to build. I was honored this past Denver Startup week to be asked to MC her seminal event the Women Who Startup Summit. It was amazing to see 700 women who want to build, grow and innovate come together. It was a night to inspire and I am forever grateful to have been invited.

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