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In February 2015 I became an honoree of the 40 under 40 Boulder Valley award from Biz West. It was a true honor to be recognized for my work, especially the work I do to increase diversity in technology. Standing next to the other 40 honorees was also an incredible honor — not sure if you are aware but there are some seriously amazing folks doing some seriously amazing work in Boulder Valley.

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Oddly, we all had to pick a prop to take a photo with — a hobby prop, not a business prop. The organizers also requested baby pictures for the awards ceremony. So I called Mom, and she sent photos. And then I asked my sister for help finding a prop. We decided on my favorite book, Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. When the photos came from Mom, the baby photo of me included me holding a book. I knew I always loved to read, but I used the term “always” loosely. Guess it has been ALWAYS.


Congrats to all the honorees!


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