Financial security is a huge predictor of success and evens the playing field.

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My retirement goal– Spain!

I met Mariko at a Women Who Startup event. She too is building her business. We partnered on financial literacy classes because at Equili we recognize the role class and wealth play in the Diversity and Inclusion conversation. Financial security is a huge predictor of success, and learning about finance, and credit, and investing evens the playing field for the disadvantaged.

However, talking money is SCARY. We feel judged. It’s an incredibly private conversation. Which is why you need someone you trust and someone who checks judgement at the door.

Mariko has a fantastic approach that makes it easy to talk about finances, because she doesn’t start with money. She starts with your goals — where you do want to be in 5 years, 10 years? What does your ideal retirement look like?

I sat down with Mariko and felt energized. I shared my dreams — I’d like to own a home in this neighborhood within 5 years. I’d like to grow my business by X%. Here is what my retirement looks like — a Bed and Breakfast in Spain. (Dream big people!) You get the idea — it’s a what are your dreams conversation? And then she takes that and says, well let’s look at where you are at, and see how we can get you there.

I could feel Mariko wanting me to THRIVE and I recognized that if you have financial security you can THRIVE. Who doesn’t want that?

I’m sharing all of this because I have seen what financial security can do for the underrepresented in business. Everyone deserves a Mariko in their corner, not just the 1%.

Mariko shared some of the biggest roadblocks people feel before working with a Financial Planner.

Financial planning roadblocks and why we should overcome them:

  • “Planning is a pain in the #$%@.”
    And yet, “having a written financial plan is one of the greatest indicators of success” says Mariko.
  • “It’s scary to look at where I’m financially weak.”
    By letting a professional identify your blind spots and vulnerabilities you can live a life of abundance. It may sound counterintuitive, but think of it this way, if a Financial Advisor builds a plan that takes into account risks, you no longer have to worry about those risks because they aren’t risks anymore.
  • “I did a plan 4 years ago, I’m good.”
    Annually review your plan. Life is not static. Your life may change quarter to quarter or every 6 months. That’s where a financial planner plays a huge role — my husband lost his job, my child is very ill, we have decided to go on a 10 year anniversary vacation… Check back in annually or less because life ebbs and flows and your plan should be up to date with your life.


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I am a financial guide. I empower individuals’ and families’ ability to thrive by providing impactful financial education and guidance, with passion. I create opportunity, security and trust, by teaming with you, to create a financial plan rooted in values. Everyone has a story, I want to hear yours.

Mariko Wilcox Financial Advisor
Northwestern Mutual