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The LadyCoders conference is a two and a half day gathering dedicated to empowering Women* Developers to take their tech career to the highest possible levels. LadyCoders is designed to provide women in technology tangible, real-world advice to advance their careers at all stages.

The LadyCoders conference brings the sharpest minds of the tech industry to give attendees actionable tools to advance their careers. Equili (Formerly LadyCoders Productions) conceived of, organized, corralled, planned, promoted and delivered the 2 day career conference from scratch 4 years ago and is bringing it back in 2018. Equili works to cover the full cost of the conference with corporate sponsorships for all attendees believing that the industry should empower women with the right tools and inspiration to thrive.

The key takeaways from the conference are:

  • How to be in the driver’s seat of your career
  • How to ace any technical interview
  • How to negotiate an offer
  • How to navigate the different hiring platforms for top companies.
  • How to have the hard discussions: Ask for a raise, maternity leave, intellectual property rights, etc.
  • How to have the harder discussions — being the squeaky wheel when disenfranchised at the office, reporting abuse, reporting harassment.

During the conference attendees:

  • Experience mock technical interviews with hiring managers from leading tech companies.
  • Gather advice from recruiters and hiring managers.
  • Acquire new perspectives from women at the top of their field sharing their career path.
  • Connect with the brightest and the greatest in the tech industry.
  • Build confidence and learn how to stop taking themselves out of the game when they feel like an imposter.


In past conference speakers included the CTO for the State of Colorado, engineers from Google, Twitter and Spotify as well as the Co-Founder of Girl Develop It and numerous female executives at the top of their field offering tangible advice for improving their careers. Click here to read first-hand the impact of LadyCoders Boulder had on the career of a software developer.

*Equili does not discriminate in any way shape or form, and we would like to apologize to all those who are non-binary for not using more inclusive language at this time. [We are actively working on finding the most inclusive language.] In addition, those whom identify as men are welcome as well. Anyone who wants to attend the LadyCoders conference, regardless of gender, gender identity, gender preference, is welcome. The industry will only change when we welcome all voices to the table.

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