Community Building

At Equili, community building is at the center of what we do. Equili’s ethos is not just to be part of the community but to make it grow. We are constantly looking for ways to engage and bring our community together. We believe that a strong, thriving community will naturally bring more diversity into the tech space.

We have created to unique community building tracks to get more people involved:

Community Support

  • Equili’s mission is to grow a more diverse tech industry. Part in parcel of achieving this goal is offering ongoing support to those working towards our shared goal. We offer support to all other event organizers and community builders. We have designed and built transformative events from the ground up. We have led hackathons and app challenges. We have been there and done that. We can help you make your idea reality and offer support.


  • Espresso And BiscottiOur Sip-Share-Grow program is a fresh new take on your regular coffee networking meetings. Sip-Share-Grow are informal one-on-one gatherings with a mentor at Equili Headquarters. No agenda, no awkward conversations, no need to impress. Just come on by, have a coffee, and connect.  Let’s grow together through learning  from one another. Email us at to set something up. 


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