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Sponsorship Removes Barriers

Sponsorship is critical to the success of the LadyCoders Conference as Equili (the organizer) does not believe in charging women to attend. We strive to remove all barriers to access by asking the tech community to underwrite their registration fees. Women technologists tend to be the “only” or one of the few in their departments. This event is designed to be a place where women technologists find their tribe, connect with their community and walk away with knowledge and action to thrive in their careers.

Key Sponsorship Benefits:

  • High touch exposure to 200+ women technologists.*
  • Share your technology stack.
  • Demonstrate your hiring practices.
  • Directly impact women’s careers attend by underwriting the cost of ticket sales.
  • Provide mentorship, community and the tools necessary for women to stay in the industry.

Sponsor Packages


Download Full Sponsorship Guide Here

*We would like to increase this to a minimum of 300 women technologists. The number of attendees is directly tied to the amount of sponsorship dollars committed by businesses. As sponsors are confirmed we will incrementally increase the number of attendees. At the start we will limit registration to 200.

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