Bianca Veloso

Screenshot 2018 02 19 16.11.42Bianca Veloso is a Relationship Strategist, a High-Performance Coach, workshop facilitator and the founder of Brave Hearts Coaching.

She is a solution-driven, passionate, charismatic relationship strategist and also a Senior Leader at Tony Robbins live events. Combined with her extensive background in leading sales teams and developing markets in the United States and abroad, Bianca teaches business leaders and entrepreneurs how to systematically break through the mental roadblocks that naturally arise in our daily grind and hold us back from realizing our potential.

Everyone has resistance inside that comes from stacking up false beliefs and rules throughout the years, but Bianca strongly believes in the ability to build new beliefs and habits to experience anything in love, business, and life. But like many, it took her a long time to become fulfilled in her life and an expert. While she saw tremendous success developing markets around the world, leading sales teams, and working for tech giants such as Microsoft, her personal life, health and marriage of seven years suffered.

Ultimately, she is most interested in emotional mastery and the art of achieving fulfillment in relationships, business and in life. She created a signature program called “Your New Love Life“ not to teach her clients just how to create extraordinary relationships, but to understand what is preventing them from having it all in the first place. She helps them understand their values, belief systems and emotions to close the gap from where they are and where they want to be in love and life!

The partnership with Pro Athlete Advantage brings mental toughness to business leaders and entrepreneurs who wants to improve their confidence, focus, emotional control, and energy so they can take their life, relationships and business to the next level. With a holistic approach to improve physical, mental, and emotional well-being and maximize the “greatness” potential in every area of life, her mastermind groups bring amazing, driven, passionate people who want to leave a big mark on this world!

What makes Bianca Veloso unique?
She uses NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and NAC (Neuro Associative Conditioning), which are solution-based humanistic approach to psychology to help her clients create lasting changes. They claim that the ultimate value of her signature program, mastermind and workshops is empowerment in all areas of life because when they achieve fulfillment in their relationships and life, all other areas of life prosper.

She holds an Executive MBA with emphasis in leadership and innovation and 16 years of different leadership and business development roles in Corporate America.

Her expertise as a Relationship Strategist and as a Business and Life Coach is to replace that “What’s wrong with me?” cycle of frustration with the tools and full range of emotions her clients need to get more out of love, business and life!

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