Dianna Anderson

DiannaandersonData Strategist

Ms. Anderson has more than 24 years of professional experience working in the information solutions technology for government and private sector clients. As the State Chief Data Officer, Dianna Anderson championed the development, adoption, and maintenance of the enterprise-wide information architecture (EIA). She was responsible for defining the EIA organization, processes, and technology infrastructure, and for leading the integration of those capabilities within related state business and information management practices. Dianna lead and facilitated the creation of data governance principles and best practices, Master Data Management (MDM), Big Data Analytics, Data Quality, Data Integration, metadata management and Business Intelligence strategies and policies. She focused on creating an enterprise data management framework for data analytics across the state that encompassed data and information governance, and data integration from disparate systems to combine information across any contributing entity using big data analytics. This framework supports data transparency and good government collaboration and builds a foundation for better, holistic decision-making across the state.

Dianna has extensive information technology in the public and private sectors. Through working with the federal and state government, government contractors, and private companies within different industries, she has been afforded the opportunity to wear many hats, perform multiple roles, work with multiple technologies and grow her overall data integration and business intelligence experience.

Dianna chaired the state’s Governance Data Advisory Board (GDAB). GDAB was created through House Bill HB 09-1285 to advise the State Chief Information Officer on activities and policies necessary to developing the interdepartmental data protocols.

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