Morgan Whaley

Head Shot Amanda Townsend 1Senior Prototype Architect, Charter Communications.

Morgan is a Senior UI Prototype Architect at Charter Communications in Denver. She works with a large, talented design team building applications that help understand users and how to improve video media consumption. Prior to signing on at Charter, Morgan worked for both 25-person startups and 260,000-person enterprise consultancies. Her career adventures have taken her to Dallas, DC, Austin, New York City, San Francisco, and Bangalore.

Prior to programming, Morgan was a self-taught print and web designer. In 2011 she made the pivot to learning how to code. Morgan holds no college degree. In her 18-year career she has remained committed to always be learning, both inside and outside of work. She is an avid speaker and thought leader who believes in creating positive, inclusive environments, especially for new developers and ones who have become disillusioned by their jobs and the industry.

Morgan is a Colorado native and lives in Denver with her husband, two dogs, and two cats. In addition to programming and industry involvement, Morgan loves road trips, hiking, running, racing cars, cooking, making cocktails, listening to true crime podcasts, and contemplating another tattoo.

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