Equili’s workshops have actionable takeaways to assist your organization in becoming more diverse. We offer workshops in the following areas:

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Diversity & Inclusion: How to Avoid Becoming the Next Headline

  Upcoming: Nov. 17 2017 Uber. Binary Capital. 500 Startups. Google. To avoid becoming the next big news story, companies must take a deep look at their culture and see […]

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How to Hire for Diversity

Hiring for diversity is a challenging task that takes finesse, strategy, and a calculated approach. It requires reviewing the entire hiring process. From removing personal biases in the way job […]


How to Retain Top Diverse Talent

Tech Companies are currently having to deal with the great consequences of high turnover and in some cases, bad reputations. Much of this can be solved by taking deep look […]

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Take your Tech Career to New Levels

Being the minority in the room is not easy. Let us show you how you can enhance your strategic positioning within your company. Learn how to have the difficult conversations […]

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