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Our workshops are designed to help you and your team grow with diversity. Research has shown that a more diverse company is better for everyone. There is a glaring diversity problem in the Tech industry. Almost three years ago, major tech companies publicized their workforce diversity numbers. The analysis of the leading tech firms revealed that on average, 71% are men, 29% are women, 60% identify as white, 23% Asian, 8% Latino, and 7% African American.  This inequality in the workforce creates an environment that is less profitable, inhibits production, and decreases growth. In profitability alone a more diverse workplace is integral to a modern organization’s bottom line. Solving the tech world’s diversity gap is an essential responsibility of any organization’s leadership team.


What are the benefits of having a diverse team?

  • In the U.S. for every 10 percent increase in diversity on the senior executive team earnings rise .8 percent.
  • Fortune 500 companies with at least three female directors have seen their return on invested capital increase by at least 66%, return on sales increase by 42%, and return on equity increase by at least 53%.
  • Companies with more diverse teams have a 22% lower turnover rate. Organizations with more inclusive cultures also have an easier time with recruiting.
  • In 2012, a NCWIT analysis of women’s participation in IT patents found that U.S. patents produced by mixed-gender teams were cited 30% to 40% more than other similar patents.


Equili’s workshops have actionable takeaways to assist your organization in becoming more diverse. We offer workshops in the following areas:

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