Coder Day of Service

Coder Day of Service was a community event inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the National Day of Service. For one day, 200 coders came together in New York City to contribute to over 50 open-source social impact projects.

The event began with inspired presentations by technology leaders Vanessa Hurst,  Julie Ann Horvath and John Resig. Throughout the day, teams were formed around social impact themes and projects on the CodeMontage platform. Leaders from social impact projects worked directly with developers. The teams were able to give back to their communities by collaborating on projects that had an incredible social impact.

Featured Projects



Quill is a web-based tool that provides personalized, interactive grammar lessons for middle school students. Coders helped improve the experience of students and teachers through several new features and bug fixes. Read the full story of the 18 coders who helped Quill here.

Kinvolved improves K-12 student attendance and graduation rates by engaging families. During Coder Day of Service, coders built a prototype to help teachers share their best practices about family engagement.



Aficionado is an open-source platform for users to learn more about works at museums and engage in meaningful dialogue about the art. Aficionado was built from scratch at the Coder Day of Service using Ruby on Rails . Aficionado users can look up a piece of art to learn more about the artist and the piece of art. In addition, the app allows users to leave comments and read the impressions of previous visitors. Aficionado also allows institutions and researchers to better gauge visitor interests and crowdsource a information about digital images, including meaningful tagging of the content, colors, and genres of images. Aficionado is the perfect way to engage younger generations and allow them to have meaningful discussions with other museum visitors.



NEMS is a mobile application that allows users to locate the nearest non-emergency ambulance service. NEMS was built at Coder Day of Service to showcase the possibilities of open data and health services in the NYC community.

To see a video summary of the day, click here.

To read the full case study, click here.



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John Resig


Vanessa Hurst

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