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Go Code Colorado is a statewide app development challenge designed to make public data more accessible and user friendly. Teams of developers and entrepreneurs across the state competed to solve business problems and grow our economy, by building apps that will help Colorado companies thrive. Equili (formerly LadyCoders Productions) was responsible for the ideation, creation, organization, and production of the event. Equili managed the branding, marketing, website design, partnerships, community building, project management and event planning. Go Code Colorado is a great example of how Equili builds diversity and inclusion from the ground up. This event was a an inspiration of what the tech world can be. During the 2015 competition, 6 out of 10 finalists were female entrepreneurs or female developers.

The first and only statewide effort of its kind, in its inaugural year, Go Code Colorado added value to the State via:

1. Community building and civic engagement

Go Code Colorado increased civic engagement in the business, entrepreneurial, and tech communities. Business leaders volunteered their time across the event series because they desire more access to government data—they know how important this is to economic development. 29 businesses supported open data and Go Code Colorado through $75,000 in cash donations and $120,000 worth of in-kind donations. Participation from companies included Google, Esri, SendGrid, Rally Software, Gnip (now Twitter), and many others.

2. Tech and Business Innovation

Go Code Colorado is the most concerted effort in the state to increase the volume of public data in the state’s central repository. 33 new data sets were published as a result of last year’s efforts by agencies such as Revenue, Local Affairs, and Higher Education.

At least three businesses were created around three apps that use this data. For instance, the winning team, Beagle Score created an app that helps provide a scorecard for business site location decisions.

3. Procurement Innovation

Go Code Colorado is flipping traditional government procurement on its head, creating value for Colorado businesses and society. According to the Standish Group, 94% of large federal IT projects over the past ten years were unsuccessful. Over 50% were delayed, over budget, or didn’t meet user expectations, and 41% failed completely.

Go Code Colorado challenged developers and entrepreneurs to solve procurement problems by awarding companies who create working apps, not those with just a promise to do so.

4. Government Efficiency and Transparency

Go Code Colorado imagines a day when pulling a data report is just a matter of a few pop up menu selections, and does not require specialized knowledge. Allowing data managers across government entities to access the public data they collect and curate.

Thus fulfilling the promise of open data and the innovation taking place within Go Code Colorado.

By the numbers:

  • Dozens of business leaders volunteered a day with Go Code Colorado organizers to define the problems they face that public data can help solve.
  • 179 people attended the Kickoff event.
  • 130 people and 25 teams competed in the challenge weekend across Colorado (Boulder, Denver, Ft. Collins, Colorado Springs, and Durango).
  • The Mentor Weekend brought together 23 mentors to meet with ten teams.
  • The Final event attracted 223 people.

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