LadyCoders Boulder

LadyCoders Boulder was a 2-day career conference held in May 2013 for women in technology providing tangible, real-world advice to advance their careers at all stages. Over 60 women attended for 2 days at Google’s headquarters in Boulder, Colorado.

Conference Topics Included:

Mock Technical Interviews with Sr. Engineers
Career Spotlights from women at the top of their field
Being in the Driver Seat of Your Career
Employment Law Myths
The Start-up Life
Building Risk and Confidence


Speakers included the CTO for the State of Colorado, engineers from Google, Twitter and Spotify as well as the Co-Founder of Girl Develop It and numerous female executives at the top of their field offering tangible advice for improving their careers. To see a full list of speakers, click here.

LadyCoders Productions conceived of, organized, corralled, planned, promoted and delivered the 2 day career conference from scratch. And was also successful in securing enough sponsorships to cover 100% of expenses from: Gnip (now Twitter), Spotify, Google, SendGrid, Commerce Kitchen, Rally Software, Github, ReturnPath and Technical Integrity.

Click here to read first-hand the impact of LadyCoders Boulder had on the career of a software developer.

There will be a second 2-day LadyCoders Conference in 2018.

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