DreamForce 2015: Luminary Developer Session: Go Code Colorado: Inspiring Innovation & Opening Data
Public data is an underutilized resource developers and entrepreneurs should be able to use to build apps and businesses. But not all government agencies see the value in making their data publicly available. Go Code Colorado challenges developers to create apps that solve business problems—and creates new businesses in the process. Our founder, Elaine Marino, talked about how Go Code is creating a community that values open data, from state agencies that are making their data public, to developers that are creating innovative solutions to make Colorado a better place to do business.

DreamForce 2014: Luminary Developer Session: Grow Developers Grow Diversity
The United States needs more tech talent. Period. Yet there is a dearth of diversity within software development: women and minorities are extremely underrepresented. The solution? Grow Developers! This talk covered the many ways the Salesforce community can actively solve the lack of talent problem, and at the same time give solutions for also growing the female and minority tech populations.

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