gWomen – Make a Lasting Impact

Elaine shared her journey from marketer to coder to small business owner. The talk included the latest insights on women in software development and where we can (and cannot) affect industry change and how to make a lasting impact. Lastly, she covered how and why everyone should participate in Go Code Colorado.

From gWomen:

The women of Galvanize are a force of change. While the tech industry maintains a ratio of women to men around 18%, Galvanize immersive programs average enrollment rates above 30% women.

We still have a lot room to improve, not only in our representation by numbers, but in defining our equal place in the industry. With that in mind, we started Galvanize Women (or gWomen) to support one another with our education goals, career paths and personal development.

The gWomen Denver Meetup invites all women associated with Galvanize – applicants, students, members, employees, and alumni – to get together, network and learn form one another.

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