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Welcome to Equili, formerly LadyCoders, a place where change happens. Equili brings diversity to the tech industry through speaking engagements, workshops, transformative events, app challenges, and community building. Equili is built on the notion that a stronger, more diverse community is better for everyone — better ideas, more revenue, more stability, more innovation. At Equili, we are leading a strong, but quiet revolution. We are the change needed in the technology industry.


Equili was originally born as LadyCoders and through a long series of events and epiphanies it became Equili. Our mission is to build a more diverse tech community that levels the playing field for underrepresented or underutilized groups in technology. How do we do this? Equili provides the vision, information, and execution to help you, your business, and your community affect change immediately.

What We Do

Transformative Events

Equili conceptualizes, organizes, and produces nationwide events with a mission to transform the tech industry. Equili revolutionizes the way the tech community comes together by creating experiences that inspire and foster economic development, igniting change.


Equili provides companies the training resources to hire for tech diversity and create inclusive company cultures. Our workshops offer an immersive and comprehensive look at the state of the industry, hiring practices, and specific hands-on tactical advice taken from women and minority software developers in the industry.

Community Building

At Equili, community building is at the center of what we do. Equili’s ethos is not just to be part of the community but to make it thrive. We are constantly looking for ways to engage and integrate our community. Learn more about our different community building tracks.


Growing diversity and inspiring developers is high on our passion list. We believe in the power of diversity to ignite change in the world. Our speaking engagements range in topics such as the “State of the Technology Industry,” and “Hiring for Diversity and Inclusion.

Recruiting Innovation Course

  In partnership with Recruiting Innovation, Equili is excited to offer a Diversity and Inclusion Training course. View Course   Course Description As the tech industry continues to grow, more […]


About The LadyCoders conference is a two and a half day gathering dedicated to empowering women and non-binary* technologists to take their tech career to the highest possible levels. LadyCoders […]

Featured Engagements

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Debugging Gender Gap
Women Who Startup
Tech Recruiter Conference

What People Are Saying

“When I went to the workshop, I walked in desperately needing help and direction on where I can help my company in this area. I walked away from the workshop with a deep dive into what the industry is struggling with, and the vicious cycle we are all trapped in. Elaine shared with me some jaw dropping stats and stories as well as some amazing ideas how we can stop the cycle and make a change. I walked away ecstatic and ready to take charge and carve out a plan for my company! I would highly recommend this workshop!”

Kelli Ward

Kelli Ward
People Operations, Stack Overflow

“It’s important for startups to make the commitment early on to build a culture of inclusivity. Regardless of experience, we found that early-stage companies need the awareness, skills and tools that workshops like Equili provide to set them on a good path for the future. Getting culture right early saves everyone down the road.”

Julie Penner

Julie Penner
Director, Techstars

What’s New

Fabian Blank 78637

29 / October, 2017

Financial security is a huge predictor of success and evens the playing field.

I met Mariko at a Women Who Startup event. She too is building her business. We partnered on financial literacy classes because at Equili we recognize the role class and […]

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31 / July, 2017

Equili Sponsors Emerging Women Live 2017

Are you looking to lead from the truth of who you are? Feeling alone in your leadership role? Ready to triple your impact without depletion or overwhelm? Connect with your […]

Transparent Background

21 / June, 2017

Introducing Equili

After 13 years working in big-city advertising, I completely switched careers and lifestyles. Managing Fortune 500 advertising clients in Los Angeles and New York City exhausted me, and I needed […]

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