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About Equili

Welcome to Equili [equally]. Formerly LadyCoders. Through a long series of events and epiphanies, which we can discuss over coffee/tea/wine, LadyCoders became Equili. Our mission is to build a stronger, more diverse tech community that levels the playing field for underrepresented or underutilized groups in technology. How do we do this? Equili provides the vision, information, and execution to help you, your business, and your community effect change immediately.

What We Do


Equili creates, organizes and produces tech events nationwide.


Providing companies the training resources to hire for tech diversity and creating inclusive company cultures.

Community Building

Building community is part of our ethos. We do this through Meet-ups, Workshops, Mentoring and Coffee meetings.


Growing diversity and growing developers is high on our passion list. ....

Featured Engagements

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What’s New

Screen Shot 2016 12 22 At 4.44.45 Pm

25 / January, 2017

Community: Screen vs. Live

Today we have quite the community online — everything from social media to social tools like Slack to news feeds and comment sections. Frankly its overwhelming. And yet, it’s all […]

Fortyunderforty Com

1 / July, 2015


In February I became an honoree of the 40 under 40 Boulder Valley award from Biz West. It was a true honor to be recognized for my work, especially the […]

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14 / November, 2014

Talking Too Much.

I have been talking a lot lately. Anyone who knows me, knows that this is of no surprise. I’m a talker. But lately, I’ve been asked to talk. (The talker […]

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